Our Story

For people like us, travel is not just something to experience. It is fundamental to existence. But traveling long distances, to foreign lands, and rugged terrain requires unique ‘essential’ goods. So, we named our business Trip “ese” to represent both our love for travel and the importance of the products we offer. Whether you’re traveling to South America to see the Amazon or planning a trip to cosmopolitan Europe, we have the essential gear you need to make your trip even more enjoyable.

Tripese - We Help People Travel Smarter

We know travel. We also know essential travel accessories can either make or break your trip. We created Tripese to provide you with virtually every product you need for a fun, safe, and exciting adventure.

We are more than just a place to buy travel gear. We are driven to be the world’s most trusted and innovative travel accessory company.

Travel Smarter with Tripese

Our mission as a company is to help you travel smarter. What does that mean? It means you never find yourself in the middle of an airplane without a comfy headrest. It means you won’t be fighting off mosquitoes in the middle of the Sahara because you’ve got the right gear to keep you pest-free. Our goal is to make sure you enjoy every second of your trip.



The quality of our travel accessories is non-negotiable. The best or nothing else will do.

Customer Service  

We believe our customers deserve the best experience with our products and company. We deliver on that promise through our dedicated customer support team and timely responses.  


We don’t believe in shortcuts. If a product doesn’t work the way it should, it doesn’t stay in our inventory.

Our Gear

We offer all the packing solutions travelers like you need to stay organized and boldly travel into the unknown ready to face whatever comes your way. Travel ignites our passion and gives life meaning. The products in our selection are designed to support you in your quest for a vivid, exciting, and truly incredible life. And we hand-pick every item you see in our inventory based on its usefulness.

We ask ourselves, “Would I use this if I were traveling?” If the answer is ‘no’, the item doesn’t make its way into our selection. If the answer is ‘yes’, we vet it and then let you decide if it’s right for your trip. It’s that simple. From health and survival to convenience and reliability, we have everything you need for a better trip.

Experience The World On Your Terms

Join us in making travel comfortable, convenient, and exciting through must-have accessories. You deserve to experience the world on your own terms. We’ll make sure you can.

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